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Nilkanth resorts in Anand is the perfect venue for all kinds of events like weddings, corporate events, pre-wedding events, baby showers religious events, birthday functions, and more. The resort offers one of the most exquisite banquet and garden in Anand with excellent services and facilities. Experienced for all these years our only aim is to serve our customers the best of hospitality, amenities, and happy memories.

 We believe in bringing your dream come true. Our experienced staff, catering, and decorations team assure a grand and successful event.

We Bring Quality Services

Experience in events, hospitality and wedding planning is certain to make your wedding memorable.

Forever Made With Each other

We assure a wedding that is stress-free, relaxed and with enjoyable & the way a destination wedding should be!


Along with other facilities and arrangements, Nilkanth Resorts offers fantastic accommodation options perfect for your destination wedding plans. You and your guest can stay at the resorts and enjoy the all ceremonies with utmost comfort. We have a place for everyone along with a variety of room categories like deluxe AC room, honeymoon suite, double bedroom, dormitory, and more.

Some of the unique features we provide:

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